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adjective uk /ˈiː·kwəl/ us /ˈi·kwəl/

B1 the same in amount, number, or size

The sides are of equal length.
One metre is equal to 39.37 inches.

the same in importance and deserving the same treatment

All people are equal.
verb uk /ˈiː·kwəl/ us /ˈi·kwəl/ present participle UK equalling or US equaling, past tense and past participle UK equalled or US equaled

to have the same value, size, etc. as something else, often shown using a symbol (=)

ser igual a
Two plus two equals four.
noun uk /ˈiː·kwəl/ us /ˈi·kwəl/

someone who has the same ability or rights as someone else

The teacher treats us all as equals.

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adjective /ˈiːkwəl/

the same in size, amount, value etc

four equal slices
coins of equal value
Are these pieces equal in size?
Women want equal wages with men.
equality /iˈkwoləti/ noun

the state of being equal

Women want equality of opportunity with men.
equalize verb ( (also equaliseBritish))

to make or become equal

Our team were winning by one goal, but the other side soon equalized.
equally adverb

All are equally good
He divided the sweets equally between us.
equal to

fit or able for

I didn’t feel equal to telling him the truth.
equals sign ( equal sign)

(mathematics) a sign (=) used to show that two things are the same amount, number, or size.

signo igual

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