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adjective uk /ˈiː·vən/ us /ˈi·vən/

flat, level, or smooth

uniforme, nivelado
Find an even surface to work on.
→ Opposite uneven

An even race or competition is one in which both teams or people involved have the same chance of winning.

adverb uk /ˈiː·vən/ us /ˈi·vən/

A2 used to emphasize something that is surprising

Everyone danced, even Mick.
not even

A2 used to emphasize something that is surprising

ni siquiera
I said hello, but he didn’t even look at me.
even better, faster, smaller, etc.

B1 used when comparing things, to emphasize the difference

aún mejor, aún más rápido, aún más pequeño, etc.
Alex will be even taller than his father.
even if

used to say that nothing will change if something happens

Even if you take a taxi, you’ll still miss your train.
even though


He went to work even though he wasn’t well.

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adjective /iːvən/

level; the same in height, amount etc

uniforme, constante
Are the table-legs even?
an even temperature.


liso, llano
We’ll have to make the path more even.


He has a strong, even pulse.

(mathematics) divisible by 2 with no remainder

2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc are even numbers.

equal (in number, amount etc)

The teams have scored one goal each and so they are even now.

(of temperament) calm

constante, tranquilo
She has a very even temper.
evenly adverb

Spread the chocolate mixture evenly over the top of the cake.
evenness noun

be/get even with

to be revenged on

vengar(se) de
He tricked me, but I’ll get even with him.
even out phrasal verb

to become level or regular

normalizarse, regularizarse
The road rose steeply and then evened out
His pulse began to even out.

to make smooth

He raked the soil to even it out.

to make equal

If Jane would do some of Mary’s keyboarding, that would even the work out.
even up phrasal verb

to make equal


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