Translation of "event" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ɪˈvent/ us /ɪˈvent/

B1 something that happens, especially something important or strange

Local people have been shocked by recent events in the town.

B1 a race, party, competition, etc. that has been organized for a particular time

They organize a lot of social events.

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noun /iˈvent/

something that happens; an incident or occurrence

acontecimiento, suceso
That night a terrible event occurred.

an item in a programme of sports etc

prueba, evento
The long jump was to be the third event of the competition.
eventful adjective

(opposite uneventful) full of events; exciting

lleno (de acontecimientos)
We had an eventful day.
at all events / at any event

in any case

pase lo que pase
At all events, we can’t make things worse than they already are.
in that event

if that happens

en ese caso
In that event, you must do as he says.
in the event

in the end, as it happened/happens / may happen

resultó que, al final
In the event, I did not need to go to hospital.
in the event of

if (something) occurs

en caso de
In the event of his death, you will inherit his money.

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