Translation of "fast" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /fɑːst/ us /fæst/

A1 quick

rápido, veloz
fast cars
a fast swimmer
→ Opposite slow adj
be fast

If a clock or watch is fast, it shows a time that is later than the correct time.

estar adelantado
My watch is five minutes fast.
adverb uk /fɑːst/ us /fæst/

A2 quickly

rápido, deprisa
We ran as fast as we could.
be fast asleep

to be sleeping heavily

estar profundamente dormido

in a firm or tight way

con fuerza
He tried to get away, but she held him fast.
verb uk /fɑːst/ us /fæst/

to eat no food for a period of time

One day a week he fasts for health reasons.

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adjective /faːst/


a fast car.


a fast worker.

(of a clock, watch etc) showing a time in advance of the correct time

My watch is five minutes fast.
fastness noun

fast food noun

food that can be quickly prepared, eg hamburgers etc

comida rápida
(also adjective) a fast food restaurant.
fast-forward verb

to make a tape or video move quickly forwards without playing it

adelanto rápido
I just need to fast-forward the tape to the right place.

to move quickly forwards to a later point in a story

adelantar de forma ràpida
The film then fast-forwards from the 19th century to the present day.
fast lane noun

the outer lane of a big road, such as a motorway or interstate, where people drive fastest

línea rápida, ascenso meteórico

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