Translation of "feather" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈfeð·ər/ us /ˈfeð·ər/

one of the soft, light things that cover a bird’s skin

a feather in your cap

an achievement to be proud of

un orgullo
It’s a real feather in our cap to be representing our country in this contest.
verb uk /ˈfeð·ər/ /ˈfeð·ər/
feather your own nest

to make yourself rich, especially in a way that is selfish or dishonest

enriquecerse a costa de otros

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noun /ˈfeðə/

one of the things that grow from a bird’s skin that form the covering of its body

They cleaned the oil off the seagull’s feathers.
feathered adjective

a brightly feathered bird.
feathery adjective

of, like, or covered in, a feather or feathers

de plumas
a feathery hat.

soft and light

a feathery touch.
a feather in one’s cap noun

something one can be proud of

un motivo de orgullo
Winning the race was quite a feather in his cap.
feather one’s (own) nest

to gain money for oneself or to make oneself rich while serving others in a position of trust

barrer para casa, hacer su agosto
All the time he has been a member of that committee, he has been feathering his own nest.

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