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noun uk /fɪʃ/ us /fɪʃ/ plural fish, fishes

A1 an animal that lives only in water

Lots of little fish were swimming in the pond.

A1 fish eaten as food

We’re having fish for dinner.
feel like a fish out of water

to feel awkward because you are in a situation that you have not experienced before or because you are very different from the people around you

sentirse como pez fuera del agua
verb uk /fɪʃ/ us /fɪʃ/

B1 to try to catch fish


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noun /fiʃ/ (plurals fish, rare fishes)

a kind of creature that lives in water and breathes through gills

There are plenty of fish around the coast.

its flesh eaten as food

Do you prefer meat or fish?
fishing noun

the sport or business of catching fish

We’re going fishing next weekend.
fishy adjective (comparative fishier, superlative fishiest)

of or like a fish

a pescado
a fishy smell.

odd or suspicious

There’s something fishy about that man.
fishball noun

mashed fish shaped into a ball and cooked.

albóndiga de pescado
fisherman noun (plural fishermen)

a person who fishes either as a job or as a hobby.

fish farm noun

an area of fresh water for breeding fish as a business.

fish farmer noun

a person who breeds fish.

fish hatchery noun (plural hatcheries)

a place for hatching fish eggs.

criadero, piscifactoría
fishing line noun

a fine strong thread, now usually made of nylon, used with a rod, hooks etc for catching fish.

fishing rod noun

a long thin flexible rod used with a fishing-line and hooks etc for catching fish.

caña de pescar
fish merchant noun

a fishmonger.

fishmonger noun

a person who sells fish

I asked the fishmonger to fillet the fish for me.

a shop that sells mainly fish

I must go down to the fishmonger.
feel like a fish out of water

to feel uncomfortable or out of place in a situation

sentirse como pez fuera del agua
He always feels like a fish out of water at formal dinners.
fish out phrasal verb

to pull something out with some difficulty

sacar; pescar
At last he fished out the letter he was looking for.
The plural fish is never wrong, but sometimes fishes is used in talking about different individuals or species: How many fish did you catch? ; the fishes of the Indian Ocean ; the story of two little fishes.

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