Translation of "flood" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /flʌd/ us /flʌd/

B1 to become covered with water

Our basement flooded during the storm.

to fill or enter a place in large numbers or amounts

She opened the curtains and sunlight flooded the room.
noun uk /flʌd/ us /flʌd/

B1 a large amount of water that covers an area that is usually dry

riada, inundación
The flood destroyed thousands of homes.

(Translation of “flood” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /flad/

a great overflow of water

If it continues to rain like this, we shall have floods.

any great quantity

torrente, avalancha
a flood of fan mail.
flooding noun

an occasion when a great overflow of water takes place

The weather forecast warned that there was a risk of severe flooding.
floodgate noun

a gate that controls the flow of water in a river.

compuerta, esclusa
open the floodgates

to suddenly become possible for a lot of things to happen that were previously prevented from happening and will be difficult to stop

abrir las compuertas; dar la posibilidad
Many employment law experts have warned the ruling will open the floodgates to the possibility of thousands of similar cases of legal action.
floodlight noun

a kind of very strong light often used to light up the outside of buildings etc

The game was played under floodlights.
floodlighting noun

floodlit adjective

flood-tide noun

the rising tide.

marea creciente

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