Translation of "for" - English-Spanish dictionary


preposition uk strong /fɔːr/ us /fɔr/ weak /r/ us /fɔr/

A1 to be given to or used by someone or something

I bought a dress for their new baby.
We need some curtains for the bedroom.

A1 used to show an amount of time or distance

desde hace, durante, una distancia de
We walked for miles.
I lived with my parents for a year.
I’ve known David for many years.

A2 having a particular purpose

What are those large scissors for?

A2 because of something

New York is famous for its buildings.

A2 in exchange for something, especially an amount of money

How much did you pay for your computer?

A2 on the occasion of

What did you buy him for his birthday?

A2 at a particular time

I’ve booked a table at the restaurant for nine o’clock.

A2 towards or in the direction of

Just follow the signs for the airport.

A2 meaning or representing something

What’s the German word for ‘cucumber’?

B1 in order to help someone

I’ll carry those bags for you.

B1 representing a country or organization

en nombre de, en representación de
He plays football for Arsenal.

supporting or agreeing with someone or something

a favor de
Did you vote for or against the proposal?

used when comparing something to a particular fact

She’s very tall for her age.

(Translation of “for” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


preposition /foː/

to be given or sent to

This letter is for you.

towards; in the direction of

para, hacia, en dirección a
We set off for London.

through a certain time or distance

We were kept waiting for three hours
Lucy walked for three miles.

in order to have, get, be etc

(pedir dinero); (salir) a (pasear)
He asked me for some money
Go for a walk.

in return; as payment

He paid $2 for his ticket.

in order to be prepared

He’s getting ready for the journey.


He is the member of parliament for Hull.

on behalf of

Will you do it for me?

in favour/favor of

por, a favor de
Are you for or against the plan?

because of

por, a causa de
For this reason, I will not be investing in that business venture.

having a particular purpose

She gave me money for the bus fare.

indicating an ability or an attitude to

She has a talent for baking
He has an ear for music.

as being

por, para
They mistook him for someone else.

considering what is used in the case of

It is quite warm for January (= considering that it is January when it is usually cold).

in spite of

a pesar de
For all his money, he didn’t seem happy.

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