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adverb uk /ˈfɜː·ðər/ us /ˈfɜr·ðər/

B1 comparative of far: at or to a place or time that is a longer distance away

más lejos
The library is a little further down the road.
Let’s walk a bit further down the road.


He refused to discuss the matter further.
adjective /ˈfɜː·ðər/ us /ˈfɜr·ðər/

A2 more or extra

For further details about the offer, call this number.

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adverb /ˈfəːðə/

(sometimes farther /ˈfaː-/) at or to a great distance or degree

más lejos, más allá
I cannot go any further.
furtherance /ˈfəːðərəns/ noun

(formal) the process of helping someone or something to make progress or be successful

fomento; promoción
He spent much energy in the furtherance of his career.
furthermore /-ˈmoː/ adverb

in addition (to what has been said)

Furthermore, I should like to point out that we have an urgent deadline to meet.
furthest adverb

(also farthest /ˈfaː-/) at or to the greatest distance or degree

más lejos
Who lives furthest away?
further education noun

(British) education for people who have left school, but that is not at a university.

educación terciària (UK), Educación Permanente de Adultos (Spain)

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