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noun [ no plural ] uk /ɡɔːl/ us /ɡɑːl/

rudeness and the quality of being unable to understand that your behaviour or what you say is not acceptable to other people

Considering that he never even bothers to visit my parents, I’m amazed that Tim has the gall to ask them for money!
verb uk /ɡɔːl/ us /ɡɑːl/

to make someone feel annoyed

I think it galls him to take orders from a younger and less experienced colleague.

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noun /ɡoːl/

(anatomy) a bitter liquid which is stored in the gall bladder.

bilis, hiel


atrevimiento, poca vergüenza, desfachatez
He had the gall to say he was my friend after being so rude to me.
gall bladder noun

(anatomy) an organ of the body attached to the liver, in which gall is stored.

vesícula biliar
gallstone noun

(medical) a small hard object that is sometimes formed in the gall bladder.

cálculo biliario

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