Translation of "garden" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈɡɑː·dən/ UK US yard

A1 an area of ground next to a house, often with grass, flowers, or trees

the front/back garden
Dad’s outside in the garden.
verb uk /ˈɡɑː·dən/

to work in a garden, growing plants and making it look attractive

trabajar en el jardín

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noun /ˈɡaːdn/

a piece of ground on which flowers, vegetables etc are grown

jardín, huerto
a small garden at the front of the house
(also adjective) a garden slug.
gardener noun

a person who works in, and looks after, a garden.

gardening noun

the work of looking after a garden

Gardening is his favourite/favorite hobby
(also adjective) gardening clothes/tools.
gardens noun singular or plural

a park, especially one where animals are kept or special trees or flowers are grown

jardines, parque
garden centre

(British ) a place that sells plants, flowers, and the equipment you need for gardening; nursery(American)

centro de jardinería
garden party noun (plural garden parties)

a large (usually formal) party, held in the garden of a house etc

recepción/fiesta al aire libre
I’ve been invited to a garden party.

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