Translation of "gather" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˈɡæð·ər/ us /ˈɡæð·ər/

to join other people somewhere to make a group

Crowds of fans gathered at the stadium for the big match.

to collect a lot of things together, often from different places or people

She gathered her things together and left.

to think something is true, although you are not completely sure

I gather they’re arriving on Friday.

(Translation of “gather” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /ˈɡӕðə/

to (cause to) come together in one place

reunir(se), juntar(se), congregarse
A crowd of people gathered near the accident.

to learn (from what has been seen, heard etc)

deducir; tener entendido
I gather you are leaving tomorrow.

to collect or get

recoger; recolectar
He gathered strawberries from the garden
She went to the library to gather information for her class project.

to pull (material) into small folds and stitch together

She gathered the skirt at the waist.
gathering noun

a meeting of people

a family gathering.
gather round phrasal verb

to come together around a person, thing etc

reunirse en torno (a)
Will everyone please gather round?
gather together phrasal verb

to come or bring together, in a group

reunir, juntar
He gathered his books and papers together.

(Translation of “gather” from the PASSWORD English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)