Translation of "gore" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun [ no plural ] uk /ɡɔːr/ us /ɡɔːr/

blood that has come from an injury and become thick

sangre derramada
It’s a good film, but there’s a lot of blood and gore in it (= pictures of people being badly injured).
verb uk /ɡɔːr/ us /ɡɔːr/

(of an animal) to cause an injury to someone, or damage something, with the horns or tusks

gored by a bull

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noun /ɡoː/

blood (especially when it is thick and solid)

sangre derramada, sangre coagulada
After the battle, the knight was covered in gore.
gory adjective (comparative gorier, superlative goriest)

with a lot of blood or bloodshed

sangriento, ensangrentado
a gory battle
a gory tale.

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