Translation of "graduate" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈɡrædʒ·u·ət/

UK someone who has studied for and got a degree (= qualification) from a university

licenciado, -a, graduado, -a
a science graduate

A2 US someone who has completed their education at a school or university successfully

licenciado, -a, graduado, -a
a high school graduate


verb uk /ˈɡræd·ju·eɪt/ present participle graduating, past tense and past participle graduated

to complete your education successfully at a university, college, or, in the US, at school

He graduated from Cambridge University in 2006.

(Translation of “graduate” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /ˈɡradjueit/

to receive a degree, diploma etc

diplomarse en, licenciarse en
He graduated in German from the University of Manchester.

to mark out with regular divisions

A thermometer is graduated in degrees.
graduation noun

the act or ceremony of graduating from a college, university etc

graduación, ceremonia de entrega de un título universitario
The graduation will be held in the large hall
(also adjective) a graduation ceremony.

a marked division

the graduations on a thermometer.

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