Translation of "great" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ɡreɪt/

A1 very good

We had a great time.

A2 large

a great crowd of people
A great number of buildings were damaged in the flood.

B1 extreme

grande, mucho
He has great difficulty walking.

important or famous

a great actor
great big

very big

He has a great big house.
prefix uk /ɡreɪt/

the father or mother of your grandfather or grandmother


the aunt or uncle of your mother or father

tía abuela/tío abuelo
great-grandchild, -granddaughter, etc.

the child, daughter, etc. of your grandson or granddaughter

bisnieto, bisnieta, etc.

the daughter or son of your niece or nephew

sobrina nieta/sobrino nieto

(Translation of “great” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /ɡreit/

of a better quality than average; important

grande, gran (antes del nombre), importante
a great writer
Churchill was a great man.

very large, larger etc than average

grande, gran (antes del nombre)
a great crowd of people at the football match.

of a high degree

mucho; especial
Take great care of that book.

very pleasant

maravilloso, espléndido, fantástico
We had a great time at the party.

clever and expert

excelente, buenísimo
John’s great at football.
greatly adverb

I was greatly impressed by her singing.
greatness noun

grandeza, importancia
She was given the award in recognition of her greatness as an athlete.

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