Translation of "grim" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ɡrɪm/ us /ɡrɪm/ comparative grimmer, superlative grimmest

worrying and bad

duro, desalentador
grim news

sad and serious

a grim expression

A grim place is ugly and unpleasant.


(Translation of “grim” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /ɡrim/ (comparative grimmer, superlative grimmest)

horrible; very unpleasant

horrible, horroroso, macabro, nefasto
The soldiers had a grim task looking for bodies in the wrecked houses.

angry; fierce-looking; not cheerful

ceñudo; austero, severo
The boss looks a bit grim this morning.

stubborn, unyielding

inflexible, inexorable
She struggled up the hill with grim determination.
grimness noun

severidad; siniestridad, aspecto nefasto; inflexibilidad
the grimness of the weather.
grimly adverb

severamente; siniestramente; inflexiblemente
She held on grimly to the hope that there would be survivors from the air crash.
like grim death

with great determination

con determinación
When he set off on the motorbike he was holding on like grim death.

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