Translation of "happen" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˈhæp·ən/ us /ˈhæp·ən/

A2 If an event or situation happens, it exists or starts to be done.

Accidents can happen to anyone.
We can’t let a mistake like this happen again.
Did you hear what happened to Jamie?

A2 to be the result of an action, situation, or event that someone or something experiences

What happens if we miss the flight?

(Translation of “happen” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /ˈhӕpən/

to take place or occur; to occur by chance

ocurrir, pasar, acontecer
What happened next?
It just so happens / As it happens, I have the key in my pocket.

(usually with to) to be done to (a person, thing etc)

pasarle/ocurrirle/acontecerle (a alguien/algo)
She’s late – something must have happened to her.

to do or be by chance

dar la casualidad; resultar que
I happened to find him
He happens to be my friend.
happening noun

an occurrence

strange happenings.
happen on phrasal verb ( happen upon)

to find by chance

dar con
He happened upon the perfect solution to the problem just as he was about to give up his research.

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