Translation of "hate" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /heɪt/ us /heɪt/ present participle hating, past tense and past participle hated

A2 to dislike someone or something very much

I hate going to the dentist’s.
noun uk /heɪt/ us /heɪt/

[ no plural ] a very strong dislike of someone or something


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verb /heit/

to dislike very much

odiar, detestar, aborrecer
I hate them for their cruelty to my father
I hate getting up in the morning.
hateful adjective

very bad; very unpleasant

odioso, detestable
That was a hateful thing to do to her
What a hateful person!
hatefully adverb

con odio/aversión
She stared at him hatefully.
hatefulness noun

odiosidad, carácter odioso/detestable
hatred /ˈheitrid/ noun

great dislike

There was a look of hatred in his eyes
I have a deep-seated hatred of liars.

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