Translation of "heed" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /hiːd/ us formal

to pay attention to something, especially advice or a warning

prestar atención a
The airline has been criticized for failing to heed advice/warnings about lack of safety routines.
noun [ no plural ] uk /hiːd/ us formal


The company took no heed of (= did not consider) public opposition to the plans.

(Translation of “heed” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /hiːd/

to pay attention to

hacer caso a alguien, tomar en cuenta, considerar
He refused to heed my warning
Heed what I say!
heedful adjective

(with of) paying attention to; responding to

You must be heedful of danger.
heedless adjective

(especially with of) careless; paying no attention

despreocupado, descuidado
Heedless of the danger, he ran into the burning building to rescue the girl.
heedlessly adverb

a la ligera, con despreocupación
She heedlessly ignored the warnings of the villagers.
pay heed to ( take heed of)

hacer caso a alguien, prestar atención a
Take heed of my warning
He paid no heed to me.

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