Translation of "hero" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈhɪə·rəʊ/ us /ˈhɪər·oʊ/ plural heroes

B1 a very brave person, often a man, that a lot of people admire

héroe, heroína
He became a national hero for his part in the revolution.

B1 the main man in a book or movie

the hero of her new novel

US a type of long sandwich


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noun /ˈhiərəu/ (plural heroes, feminine heroine /ˈherouin/)

a man or boy admired (by many people) for his brave deeds

héroe; heroína
The boy was regarded as a hero for saving his friend’s life.

the chief male person in a story, play etc

protagonista, personaje principal
The hero of this book is a young American boy called Tom Sawyer.
heroic /hiˈrəuik/ adjective

very brave

heroic deeds.

of heroes

heroic tales.
heroically adverb

He heroically rescued the little girl from the burning building.
heroism /ˈherəuizm/ noun

great bravery

The policeman was given a medal in recognition of his heroism.
hero-worship noun

very great, sometimes too great, admiration for a person.

culto a los héroes
the heroine (not heroin) of the story.

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