Translation of "hook" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /hʊk/ us /hʊk/

a curved piece of metal or plastic used for hanging something on, or a similar object used for catching fish

gancho, anzuelo
His coat was hanging from a hook on the door.
off the hook

If a phone is off the hook, the part you speak into is not in its correct position, so the telephone will not ring.

verb uk /hʊk/ us /hʊk/

to fasten something with a hook, hang something on a hook, or catch something with a hook

enganchar, pescar

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noun /huk/

a small piece of metal shaped like a J fixed at the end of a fishing-line used for catching fish etc

a fish-hook.

a bent piece of metal etc used for hanging coats, cups etc on, or a smaller one sewn on to a garment, for fastening it

Hang your jacket on that hook behind the door
hooks and eyes.

in boxing, a kind of punch with the elbow bent

a left hook.
hooked adjective

curved like a hook

a hooked nose.

(with on) slang for very interested in, or showing a great liking for; addicted to

He’s hooked on modern art
He’s hooked on marijuana.
hooker noun

(in rugby) a player whose job is to get the ball out of a scrum with his foot.


(American, informal) a prostitute.

by hook or by crook

by some means or another; in any way possible

cueste lo que cueste
I’ll get her to marry me, by hook or by crook.
off the hook

free from some difficulty or problem

libre de problemas
If he couldn’t keep the terms of the contract, he shouldn’t have signed it – I don’t see how we can get him off the hook now.

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