Translation of "horn" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /hɔːn/ us /hɔrn/

a piece of equipment used to make a loud sound as a warning

a car horn

one of the two long, hard things on the heads of cows, goats, and some other animals


a musical instrument that you blow into to make a sound


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noun /hoːn/

a hard object which grows (usually in pairs) on the head of a cow, sheep etc

cuerno, asta
A ram has horns.

the material of which this is made

cuerno, carey
The spoons are made of horn
(also adjective) horn spoons.

something which is made of horn

a shoehorn.

something which looks like a horn in shape

a snail’s horns.

the apparatus in a car etc which gives a warning sound

bocina, claxon
The driver blew his horn.

an instrument, formerly an animal’s horn but now made of brass, that is blown to produce a musical sound

cuerno, trompa
a hunting horn.

(also French horn) the type of coiled brass horn that is played in orchestras etc.

cuerno, trompa
horned adjective

having a horn or horns

con cuernos, cornudo
a horned animal.

de cuernos
a long-horned antelope.
horny adjective (comparative hornier, superlative horniest)

like horn

a horny substance.

as hard as horn

horny hands.

(slang) sexually excited; easily aroused sexually

She was feeling horny.

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