Translation of "horror" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈhɒr·ər/ us /ˈhɔr·ər/

a strong feeling of shock or fear

She watched in horror as the car skidded across the road.
a horror film/movie/story

B1 a movie or story that entertains people by shocking or frightening them

una película/historia de terror
I love reading horror stories.

(Translation of “horror” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /ˈhorə/

great fear or dislike

She has a horror of spiders
She looked at me in horror.

a disagreeable person or thing

horror, monstruo
Her little boy is an absolute horror.
horrible adjective

causing horror; dreadful

horrible, horroroso
a horrible sight.


What a horrible day!
horribleness noun

calidad de horrible
horribly adverb

Everyting went horribly wrong.
horrid /-rid/ adjective

(informal) unpleasant

horroroso, horrible; odioso
That was a horrid thing to say.

(informal) dreadful

horroroso, horrible
a horrid shriek.
horrific /həˈrifik/ adjective

terrible; terrifying

horroroso, horrible, terrible
a horrific accident
a horrific journey.
horrify /-fai/ verb (past tense, past participle horrified)

to shock greatly

horrorizar; escandalizar
Mrs Taylor was horrified to find that her son had been arrested.
horrifying adjective

horroroso, horrendo
a horrifying experience.

(Translation of “horror” from the PASSWORD English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)