Translation of "hustle" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˈhʌs.l̩/ us

to make someone move quickly by pushing or pulling them along

After giving his speech, Johnson was hustled out of the hall by bodyguards.
noun [ no plural ] uk /ˈhʌs.l̩/ us
hustle and bustle

noise and activity

I love the hustle and bustle of the marketplace.

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verb /ˈhasl/

to push quickly and roughly

empujar, echar a empellones
The man was hustled out of the office.

to make (someone) act quickly

empujar, meter prisa
Don’t try to hustle me into making a sudden decision.

(American) to swindle; to obtain something dishonestly or illegally

estafar, timar
The car dealer tried to hustle us.

(American) to sell or earn one’s living by illegal means

vivir al margen de la ley; traficar con
He earned a living by hustling on the streets
hustle drugs.

(American ) (slang) to work as a prostitute; to solicit clients.

prostituirse, hacer la calle
hustler noun

(American, slang)

someone who tries to obtain money dishonestly; swindler.

timador, estafador

a prostitute.

puta, ramera (mujer); puto, chapero (hombre)

(informal ) someone (especially in business) who is determined to succeed.

persona ambiciosa

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