Translation of "if" - English-Spanish dictionary


conjunction uk /ɪf/ us /ɪf/

A2 used to say that something will happen only in the case that something else happens or is true

We’ll have the party in the garden if the weather’s good.

B1 used to talk about something that might happen or be true

What will we do if this doesn’t work?

B1 whether

I wonder if he’ll get the job.

B1 used to mean ‘always’ or ‘every time

si, cuando
If you mention his mother, he cries.
if not

A2 used to say what the situation will be if something does not happen

si no
I hope to see you there but, if not, I’ll call you.
if you like

A2 used when you offer someone something

si quieres
If you like, I could drive you there.
if I were you

B1 used when you give someone advice

si estuviera en tu lugar
I think I’d take the money if I were you.
if only

B1 used to express a wish for something that is impossible or unlikely to happen

If only I knew the answer!
if so

if this is the case

en ese caso
It might rain this afternoon. If so, we’ll have the party indoors.

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conjunction /if/

in the event that; on condition that

He will have to go into hospital if his illness gets any worse
I’ll only stay if you can stay too.

supposing that

si, en el caso de que
If he were to come along now, we would be in trouble.


si, cada vez que, siempre que
If I sneeze, my nose bleeds.


a pesar de, aunque
They are happy, if poor.


I don’t know if I can come or not.
if only

I wish that

si al menos
If only I were rich!

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