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adjective uk /ˈɪn·ər/ us /ˈɪn·ər/

on the inside, or near the middle of something

Leading off the main hall is a series of inner rooms.
→ Opposite outer

Inner feelings or thoughts are ones that you do not show or tell other people.

Karen always seemed to have a deep sense of inner peace.

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adjective /ˈinə/

placed etc on the inside or further in

interior; (inner tube= cámara)
The inner tube of his tyre was punctured.

(of feelings etc) secret or hidden

íntimo, profundo
I could not guess what his inner thoughts might be.
innermost adjective

placed etc furthest from the edge or outside

más profundo
the innermost parts of the castle.

(also inmost) most secret or hidden

más íntimo, más secreto
his innermost feelings
in the innermost corners of his heart.
inner tube noun

a rubber tube filled with air inside a car tyre/tire or a bicycle tyre/tire.

cámara de aire

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