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noun uk /aɪən/ us /ˈɑɪ·ərn/

B1 a piece of electrical equipment that you use for making clothes smooth

verb uk /aɪən/ us /ˈɑɪ·ərn/

B1 to make clothes smooth using an iron


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noun /ˈaiən/

(also adjective ) (chemistry ) (symbol Fe) (of) an element that is the most common metal, is very hard, and is widely used for making tools etc

Steel is made from iron
The ground is as hard as iron
iron railings

a flat-bottomed instrument that is heated up and used for smoothing clothes etc

I’ve burnt a hole in my dress with the iron.

a type of golf-club.

palo de hierro
ironing noun

clothes etc waiting to be ironed, or just ironed

ropa por planchar
What a huge pile of ironing!
irons noun plural

formerly, a prisoner’s chains

They put him in irons.
ironing-board noun

a padded board on which to iron clothes.

tabla de planchar
ironmonger noun

a dealer in articles of metal eg tools, locks etc and other goods.

ironmongery noun

the business or goods of an ironmonger.

have several irons in the fire ( have too many etc irons in the fire)

to be involved in, or doing, several etc things at the same time.

tener muchas cosas entre manos
iron out phrasal verb

to get rid of (creases etc) by ironing

quitar; suavizar
It’s going to be tricky to iron out all the creases in this shirt.

to get rid of (difficulties etc) so that progress becomes easier

There are still a few small problems that need ironing out.
strike while the iron is hot

to act etc while the situation is favourable/favorable

lo mejor es actuar de inmediato
Opportunities like this don’t come along every day so you have to strike while the iron is hot.

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