Translation of "judge" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /dʒʌdʒ/ us /dʒʌdʒ/

someone who controls a court and decides how criminals should be punished

The judge ruled that he was not guilty of murder.

B1 someone who decides which person or thing wins a competition

juez, miembro del jurado
the Olympic judges
verb uk /dʒʌdʒ/ us /dʒʌdʒ/ present participle judging, past tense and past participle judged

B1 to have or develop an opinion about something or someone, usually after thinking carefully

The meeting was judged to be a great success.
You shouldn’t judge people on their appearance.
He was judged guilty/insane.

B1 to decide the winner or results of a competition

ser miembro del jurado de
I was asked to judge the art contest.
judging by/from

used for saying the reasons why you have a particular opinion

a juzgar por
She must be popular, judging by the number of letters that she gets.

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verb /dʒadʒ/

(legal) to hear and try (cases) in a court of law

Who will be judging this case?

to decide which is the best in a competition etc

hacer de jurado
Is she going to judge the singing competition again?
Who will be judging the vegetables at the flower show?
Who is judging at the horse show?

to consider and form an idea of; to estimate

You can’t judge a man by his appearance
Watch how a cat judges the distance before it jumps
She couldn’t judge whether he was telling the truth.

to criticize for doing wrong

We have no right to judge him – we might have done the same thing ourselves.
judgement noun ( judgment)

the decision of a judge in a court of law

juicio, sentencia, fallo
It looked as if he might be acquitted but the judgement went against him.

the act of judging or estimating

juicio, parecer, criterio
Faulty judgement in overtaking is a common cause of traffic accidents.

the ability to make right or sensible decisions

You showed good judgement in choosing this method.

(an) opinion

juicio, opinión
In my judgement, he is a very good actor.
judging from / to judge from

if one can use (something) as an indication

a juzgar por
Judging from the sky, there’ll be a storm soon.
pass judgement (on)

to criticize or condemn

pronunciar sentencia sobre
I’m hesitant to pass judgement on him as I’m sure he did his best
Do not pass judgement (on others) unless you are perfect yourself.

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