Translation of "just" - English-Spanish dictionary


adverb /dʒast/

(often with as) exactly or precisely

This penknife is just what I needed
He was behaving just as if nothing had happened
The house was just as I’d remembered it.

(with as) equally

This dress is just as nice as that one.

very lately or recently

acabar de, ahora mismo, hace un momento
He has just gone out of the house.

on the point of; in the process of

en este momento
She is just coming through the door.

at the particular moment

justo, en el mismo instante/momento en que
The telephone rang just as I was leaving.

(often with only) barely

a penas
We have only just enough milk to last till Friday
I just managed to escape
You came just in time.

only; merely

They waited for six hours just to get a glimpse of the Queen
’Where are you going?’ ’Just to the post office
Could you wait just a minute?

used for emphasis, eg with commands

¡pero!; de verdad
Just look at that mess!
That just isn’t true!
I just don’t know what to do.


The weather is just marvellous.
just about

more or less

más o menos
That’s just about the right amount of flour for this recipe.
just now

at this particular moment

en este momento
I can’t do it just now.

a short while ago

hace un momento
She fell and banged her head just now, but she feels better again.
just then

at that particular moment

en ese momento
He was feeling rather hungry just then.

in the next minute

en ese momento
She opened the letter and read it. Just then the door bell rang.

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