Translation of "kick" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /kɪk/

A1 to hit or move something or someone with your foot

dar una patada/patadas a
The boys were kicking a ball around.

to move your feet and legs forwards or backwards quickly

dar patadas
The baby lay kicking on the mat.
kick the bucket

to die

estirar la pata
→ Phrasal verbs kick off , kick someone out
noun uk /kɪk/

A2 the act of hitting something with your foot

He gave her a kick in the ribs.

informal a feeling of excitement and energy

gusto, placer
She gets a kick out of performing live.

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verb /kik/

to hit or strike out with the foot

dar un puntapié, golpear con el pie, dar una patada a
The child kicked his brother
He kicked the ball into the next garden
He kicked at the locked door
She kicked open the gate.

(of a gun) to jerk or spring back violently when fired.

dar un culatazo
kick about/around phrasal verb

to treat badly or bully

The bigger boys are always kicking him around.
kick off phrasal verb

to start a football game by kicking the ball

sacar, hacer el saque inicial
We kick off at 2.30
(nounkick-off: The kick-off is at 2.30)
kick up phrasal verb

to cause or start off (a fuss etc)

armar follón, armar bronca
Don’t start kicking up a fuss.

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