Translation of "launch" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /lɔːnʃ/ us /lɔntʃ/

to send a spacecraft into the sky, or to send a ship into the water

lanzar, botar

to begin an important activity

They have launched an inquiry into his death.

to start selling a product

The book was launched last February.
noun uk /lɔːnʃ/ us /lɔntʃ/

an event to celebrate or introduce something new

Illness prevented her attending the launch of her latest novel.

an occasion when a ship is put into water, or a spacecraft is sent into space, for the first time

botadura, lanzamiento
The launch of the rocket was delayed for 24 hours because of bad weather.

(Translation of “launch” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /loːntʃ/

to make (a boat or ship) slide into the water or (a rocket) leave the ground

botar, echar al mar
As soon as the alarm was sounded, the lifeboat was launched
The Russians have launched a rocket.

to start (a person, project etc) off on a course

His success on a TV talent show launched him on a brilliant career.

to throw

The protesters launched bricks and other missiles at the police.
launching pad noun

a platform from which a rocket can be launched.

plataforma de lanzamiento
launch into phrasal verb

to begin eagerly

He launched into an enthusiastic description of the play.
launch out phrasal verb

to throw oneself freely into some new activity (often involving spending money)

lanzarse, ponerse en marcha
He decided to launch out on his own and become a freelance writer.

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