Translation of "little" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈlɪt·l/ us /ˈlɪt̬·əl/

A1 small in size or amount

I have a little bag.
She’s so little.
I had a little bit of cake.
→ Opposite big (1) , large

A1 young

When I was little, my hair was curly.

B1 not important

sin importancia
It’s only a little problem.

short in time or distance

Sit down for a little while.
Let’s have a little break.

used to show affection or dislike for someone or something

se usa para transmitir afecto o desprecio hacia alguien o algo
What a sweet little house!
He’s a nasty little man.
quantifier uk /ˈlɪt·l/ us /ˈlɪt̬·əl/

B1 not much or not enough

There’s so little time.
pronoun uk /ˈlɪt·l/ us /ˈlɪt̬·əl/

B1 not much, or not enough

We did very little on Sunday.
a little

a small amount

un poco
‘More wine?’ ‘Just a little, please.’
adverb uk /ˈlɪt·l/ us /ˈlɪt̬·əl/
a little

A2 slightly

un poco
There’s only a little further to go.

not much or not enough

She spoke very little at dinner.

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adjective /ˈlitl/

small in size

He is only a little boy
When she was little (= a child), she wanted to be a nurse.

small in amount; not much

He has little knowledge of the difficulties involved.

not important

sin importancia
I did not expect her to make a fuss about such a little thing.
a little

a short time or distance

un poco
Move a little to the right!

a small quantity of something

un poco
He has a little money to spare
’Is there any soup left?’ ’Yes, a little.’


un poco
She was a little frightened.
little by little


poco a poco
Little by little we began to get to know him.
little finger noun

the smallest finger on your hand.

make little of

to treat as unimportant etc

quitar importancia
He made little of his injuries.

not to be able to understand

no captar, no entender
I could make little of his instructions.
little means ’not much’: You have little reason to boast. a little means ’some’, ’a small quantity’: There’s a little milk left.

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