Translation of "log" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /lɒɡ/ us /lɔɡ, lɑɡ/

a thick piece of wood that has been cut from a tree

We need more logs for the fire.

(Translation of “log” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /loɡ/

a thick piece of unshaped wood

tronco, leño
The trees were sawn into logs and taken to the sawmill.

a logbook

cuaderno de bitácora
The captain of the ship entered the details in the log.
logbook noun

an official record of the journey of a ship or aeroplane

cuaderno de bitácora; registro
All the details of the flight were entered in the logbook.
log in phrasal verb ( log on)

(computing) to carry out the actions needed to start using a computer system

conectarse, iniciar sesión
You have to type in your password in order to log on to the system.
log off phrasal verb ( log out)

(computing) to carry out the actions needed to stop using a computer system

desconectarse, cerrar sesión
Don’t forget to log off when you’ve finished using the computer.

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