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noun uk /ˈmæɡ·nət/ us /ˈmæɡ·nət/

an iron object that makes other pieces of iron move towards it


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noun /ˈmӕɡnit/

a piece of iron, or of certain other materials, that attracts or repels other pieces of iron etc

A compass uses a magnet to show which way is north.
magnetic /-ˈne-/ adjective

of, or having the powers of, or operating by means of, a magnet or magnetism

magnetic force.

strongly attractive

a magnetic personality.
magnetically adverb

The roller in a laser printer is magnetically-charged.
magnetism noun

power of attraction

his personal magnetism.

(the science of) magnets and their power of attraction

the magnetism of the Earth.
magnetize verb ( (also magnetiseBritish))

to make magnetic

You can magnetize a piece of iron.

to attract or influence strongly

encantar, hechizar
She’s the kind of person who can magnetize others.
magnetic attraction noun

(physics) attraction for iron

atracción magnética
magnetic compass noun

a compass with a magnetized needle that indicates the direction of magnetic north

brújula magnética
Columbus used a magnetic compass on his first trans-Atlantic trip.
magnetic field noun

(physics) the area in which the pull of a magnet, or thing acting like a magnet, is felt

campo magnético
the Earth’s magnetic field.
magnetic north noun

(physics) the direction, either east or west of the true north, in which a magnetized needle points.

norte magnético

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