Translation of "manage" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˈmæn·ɪdʒ/ us /ˈmæn·ɪdʒ/ present participle managing, past tense and past participle managed

B1 to do something that you have been trying to do

I managed to persuade him to come.

B1 to be in control of an office, shop, team, etc.

He used to manage the bookshop on King Street.

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verb /ˈmӕnidʒ/

to be in control or charge of

dirigir, llevar, administrar
My lawyer manages all my legal affairs/money.

to be manager of

administrar, llevar
James manages the local football team.

to deal with, or control

llevar, manejar
She’s good at managing people.

to be able to do something; to succeed or cope

conseguir, lograr
Will you manage to repair your bicycle?
Can you manage (to eat) some more meat?
manageable adjective

(opposite unmanageable)

that can be controlled

tratable, dócil
The children are not very manageable.

that can be done

Are you finding this work manageable?
manageability noun

manejo fácil
The manageability of the project must also be taken into consideration.
management noun

the art of managing

dirección, administración, gestión
an old-fashioned style of management
The management of this company is a difficult task.

or noun plural the managers of a firm etc as a group

junta directiva, consejo de administración
The management has/have agreed to pay the workers more.
manager noun (feminine manageress)

a person who is in charge of eg a business, football team etc

director, gerente; directora, gerenta
the manager of the new store.
managerial noun

relating to the job of a manager

directivo, gerencial

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