Translation of "manner" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun [ no plural ] uk /ˈmæn·ər/ us /ˈmæn·ər/

the way something happens or something is done

They dealt with the problem in a very efficient manner.

the way in which a person talks and behaves with other people

manera de ser
She has a very friendly manner.
manners [ plural ]

ways of behaving with other people

It is bad manners to be late.

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noun /ˈmӕnə/

a way in which anything is done etc

manera, forma
She greeted me in a friendly manner.

the way in which a person behaves, speaks etc

actitud, modo de comportarse
I don’t like her manner.

(in plural ) (polite) behaviour/behavior, usually towards others

Why doesn’t she teach her children (good) manners?

having, or showing, manners of a certain kind

a well-/bad-mannered person.
mannerism noun

an odd and obvious habit in a person’s behaviour, speech etc

He scratches his ear when he talks and has other mannerisms.
all manner of

all kinds of

toda clase de
He has all manner of problems.
in a manner of speaking

in a certain way

por decirlo así
I suppose, in a manner of speaking, I am an engineer.

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