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noun uk /ˈmɒd·əl/ us /ˈmɑ·dəl/

A2 a smaller copy of a real object

He makes models as a hobby.

A2 a particular type of machine or car that a company makes

I think her car is a slightly older model.

B1 someone whose job is wearing clothes for photographs or fashion shows

a top fashion model
verb uk /ˈmɒd·əl/ us /ˈmɑ·dəl/ present participle UK modelling or US modeling, past tense and past participle UK modelled or US modeled

to wear clothes in fashion shows and photographs as a model

trabajar de modelo
She’s been modelling for years.

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noun /ˈmodl/

a copy or representation of something usually on a much smaller scale

modelo, maqueta
a model of the Taj Mahal
(also adjective) a model aeroplane.

a particular type or design of something, eg a car, that is manufactured in large numbers

Our car is this year’s model.

a person who wears clothes etc so that possible buyers can see them being worn

modelo, maniquí
He has a job as a male fashion model.

a person who is painted, sculpted, photographed etc by an artist, photographer etc

I work as an artist’s model.

something that can be used to copy from

modelo, patrón
Use the sentences in the coursebook as models for your own writing.

a person or thing which is an excellent example

She is a model of politeness
(also adjective) model behaviour.
modelling noun ( modeling)

modelado, modelismo

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