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noun uk /ˈmʌð·ər/ us /ˈmʌð·ər/

A1 someone’s female parent

My mother and father are divorced.

a name used by a woman’s child. Saying ‘mother’ is more formal than saying ‘mum’.

How are you feeling today, Mother?

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noun /ˈmaðə/

a female parent, especially human

John’s mother lives in Manchester
(also adjective) The mother bird feeds her young.

(often with capital

also Mother Superior) the female leader of a group of nuns.
motherboard noun

(computing) the main circuit board in a computer or other device

placa base
Instructions on how to disassemble the computer and replace the motherboard should be in the Hardware Maintenance Manual.
motherhood noun

the state of being a mother

She gave up her career for motherhood.
motherless adjective

having no mother

huérfano de madre
The children were left motherless by the accident.
motherly adjective

like a mother; of, or suitable to, a mother

a motherly woman
motherly love.
motherliness noun

maternalismo, instinto maternal
mother country /-land/ noun (plural mother countries) ( motherland)

the country where one was born.

patria, madre patria
mother-in-law noun (plural mothers-in-law)

the mother of one’s husband or wife.

mother-of-pearl noun, adjective

(of) the shining, hard, smooth substance on the inside of certain shells.

madreperla, nácar
Mother’s Day noun

a special day on which people give cards and presents to their mothers.

día de la madre
mother tongue noun

a person’s native language

lengua materna
My mother tongue is Spanish.

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