Translation of "much" - English-Spanish dictionary


determiner, pronoun uk /mʌtʃ/ us /mʌtʃ/
not… much

A2 In negative sentences, ‘much’ is used to say that there is not a large amount of something.

no… mucho
She doesn’t earn much money.
Pete didn’t say much at dinner.
‘Is there any coffee left?’ ‘Not much.’

A1 In questions, ‘much’ is used to ask about the amount of something.

Is there much difference between the two TVs?
Did you catch much when you went fishing?
how much

A1 used to ask about the amount of something

How much money will I need?
too much

A2 a large amount of something that is more than you want

I’d love to come, but I’ve got too much work.
so much

A2 a large amount of something, especially when this is surprising

They have so much money!
adverb uk /mʌtʃ/ us /mʌtʃ/
very much

A1 a large amount or degree

I like her very much.

B1 often or a lot

I don’t go out very much.
much better, bigger, smaller, etc.

B1 a lot better, bigger, smaller, etc.

mucho mejor, más grande, más pequeño, etc.
Their old house was much bigger.

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adjective /matʃ/ (comparative more /moː/, superlative most /moust/)

a (great) amount or quantity of

This job won’t take much effort
I found it without much difficulty
How much sugar is there left?
There’s far too much salt in my soup
He ate so much ice-cream that he was sick
Take as much money as you need
After much discussion they decided to go.
be not much of a

to be not a very good thing of a particular kind

no ser muy bueno en
I’m not much of a photographer
That wasn’t much of a lecture.
be not up to much

to be not very good

no valer gran cosa
The dinner wasn’t up to much.
be too much for

to overwhelm; to be too difficult etc for

ser demasiado para
Is the job too much for you?
make much of

to make a fuss of (a person) or about (a thing)

dar mucha importancia a algo
The player was making much of slight injury in order to waste time.

to make sense of; to understand

comprender, entender
I couldn’t make much of the film.
much as


por mucho que
Much as I should like to come, I can’t.
much the same

not very different

más o menos igual
The patient’s condition is still much the same.
nothing much

nothing important, impressive etc

nada en especial
’What are you doing?’ ’Nothing much.’
not much

nothing important, impressive etc

My car isn’t much to look at, but it’s fast.
so much for

that’s all that can be said about

se acabó, no es para tanto
So much for that – let’s talk about something else
He arrived half an hour late – so much for his punctuality!
think too much of

to have too high an opinion of

tener una gran opinión de
He thinks too much of himself.
without so much as

without even

sin siquiera
He took my umbrella without so much as asking.
see also many.

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