Translation of "muddle" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈmʌd·l/ /ˈmʌd·əl/ mainly UK

a situation in which things are not organized and people do not understand what they should do

There was a big muddle over who was buying the tickets.
I’m in such a muddle with these bills.
verb uk /ˈmʌd·l/ /ˈmʌd·əl/ present participle muddling, past tense and past participle muddled mainly UK
get someone/something muddled up

to think that a person or thing is someone or something else

confundir a alguien/algo
I often get Jonathan and his brother muddled up.

(Translation of “muddle” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /ˈmadl/

to confuse or mix up

Don’t talk while I’m counting, or you’ll muddle me.
muddled adjective

muddled thinking.
muddle-headed adjective

incapable of clear thinking

despistado, confuso
He thinks that all women are muddle-headed.
muddle along phrasal verb ( muddle through)

to progress in spite of one’s unsatisfactory methods and foolish mistakes

We all have to muddle through life somehow.
muddle up phrasal verb

to confuse (eg two different things)

liar, confundir
I’m always muddling the twins up
I’ve muddled up these book orders.

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