Translation of "must" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk strong /mʌst/ us /mʌst/ weak /məst/ us /mʌst/

A2 used to say that it is necessary that something happens or is done

The meat must be cooked thoroughly.

B1 used to show that you think it is a good idea for someone to do something

tener que
We must meet for lunch.

used to show that you are certain something is true

deber de
You must be exhausted!
She must be very wealthy.

(Translation of “must” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /mast/ (negative short form mustn’t /-snt/)

used with another verb to express need

deber, tener que
We must go to the shops to get milk.

used, usually with another verb, to suggest a probability

They must be finding it very difficult to live in such a small house.

used, usually with another verb, to express duty, an order, rule etc

You must come home before midnight
All competitors must be under 15 years of age.
must have

used to state a probability about something in the past

deber haberse
She must have been very young when she got married.

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