Translation of "nod" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /nɒd/ us /nɑd/ present participle nodding, past tense and past participle nodded

to move your head up and down as a way of agreeing

asentir con la cabeza
I asked Barbara if she liked him and she nodded.
nod noun uk /nɒd/ us /nɑd/

inclinación de cabeza
He gave a nod of approval.

Phrasal verb(s)

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verb /nod/ (past tense, past participle nodded)

to make a quick forward and downward movement of the head to show agreement, as a greeting etc

saludar con la cabeza, asentir
I asked him if he agreed and he nodded (his head)
He nodded to the man as he passed him in the street.

to let the head fall forward and downward when sleepy

dar cabezadas
Grandmother sat nodding by the fire.
nod off phrasal verb

to fall asleep

He nodded off while she was speaking to him.

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