Translation of "old" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /əʊld/ us /oʊld/

A1 having lived or existed for a long time

viejo, antiguo
an old man
an old house
We’re all getting older.

A1 having been used or owned for a long time

You might get dirty, so wear some old clothes.
how old are you, is she, etc.?

A1 used to ask about someone’s or something’s age

¿cuántos años tienes, tiene, etc.?
How old are your kids now?
be six months old, 16 years old, etc.

A1 used to say someone’s or something’s age

tener seis meses, 16 años, etc.
She’ll be four years old in March.

A2 used before or in the past

I think the old system was better in many ways.
my old house

A2 an old friend is one you have known and liked for a long time.

She’s one of my oldest friends.

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adjective /əuld/

advanced in age

viejo, mayor
an old man
He is too old to live alone.

having a certain age

de edad
He is thirty years old.

having existed for a long time

viejo, antiguo
an old building
Those trees are very old.

no longer useful

She threw away the old shoes.

belonging to times long ago

old civilizations like that of Greece.
old age noun

the later part of a person’s life

He wrote most of his poems in his old age.
old age pensioner noun

(also OAP) (British) someone who is retired and receives an old age pension.

jubilado, pensionista
old boy/girl noun

a former pupil (of a school)

ex alumno; ex alumna
The new prime minister is an old boy of our school.
old-fashioned adjective

in a style common some time ago

anticuado, pasado de moda
old-fashioned clothes
Her hairstyle is very old-fashioned.
old hand noun

a person who is very experienced

veterano, experto
He’s an old hand at this sort of job.
old maid noun

an unmarried woman who is past the usual age of marriage.

the old noun plural

old people

las personas mayores, los ancianos
Society has a duty to look after the old and infirm.

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