Translation of "once" - English-Spanish dictionary


adverb uk /wʌns/ us /wʌns/

A2 one time

una vez
It only snowed once or twice this year.
I go swimming once a week (= one time every week).

B1 in the past, but not now

This house once belonged to my grandfather.
at once

B1 immediately

de inmediato
I knew at once that I would like it here.
once more

B1 one more time

una vez más
If you say that once more, I’m going to leave.
once upon a time

B1 used at the beginning of a children’s story to mean that something happened a long time ago

érase una vez
once again

B1 again

de nuevo
I’ll explain it once again.
for once

used to mean that something is happening that does not usually happen

por una vez
For once, I think I have good news for him.
(all) at once

at the same time

a la vez
They all started talking at once.
conjunction uk /wʌns/ us /wʌns/

as soon as

en cuanto
Once I find somewhere to live, I’ll send you my address.

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adverb /wans/

a single time

una vez
He did it once
If I could see her once again I would be happy.

at a time in the past

antes, en otro tiempo
I once wanted to be a dancer.
at once


en seguida, inmediatamente, ahora mismo
Go away at once!
(just) for once

as an exception

por una vez
Why can’t you be nice to her for once?
once and for all

once and finally

de una vez para siempre, de una vez por todas
Once and for all, I refuse!
once in a while


de vez en cuando
I meet him once in a while at the club.

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