Translation of "other" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective, determiner uk /ˈʌð·ər/ us /ˈʌð·ər/

A1 different from a thing or person that you have talked about

Ask me some other time, when I’m not so busy.

A2 used to talk about the remaining members of a group or items in a set

I’ve found one earring – where’s the other one?
Mario and Anna sat down to watch the other dancers.

B1 more, not this or these

I don’t like pie – do you have any other desserts?
I don’t think he’s funny, but other people do.
the other day, week, etc.

B1 a day or week in the recent past

el otro día, hace unas semanas, etc.
I asked Carlos about it just the other day.
the other side/end (of something)

B1 the opposite side or end of something

el otro lado/extremo (de algo)
Put the chair at the other end of the desk.
the other way round/around

happening in the opposite way

al revés
I thought the adults would be slower than the children, but it was the other way round.
the other way around

happening in the opposite way

al revés
I thought the adults would be slower than the children, but it was the other way around.
pronoun uk /ˈʌð·ər/ us /ˈʌð·ər/

A2 a thing or person that is part of this set

Hold the racket in one hand and the ball in the other.
Some of the pieces were damaged, while others were missing.

B1 other people

los demás
Don’t expect others to do your work for you.

more things of the same type

This bowl is broken – do you have any others?
the others

the rest of the people in a group

los demás
Where are the others?

(Translation of “other” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)



adjective, pronoun the second of two

I have lost my other glove
I’ve got one of my gloves, but I can’t find the other (one).

adjective, pronoun those people, things etc not mentioned, present etc; additional

Some of them have arrived – where are the others?
The baby is here and the other children are at school.

adjective (with day, weeketc) recently past

I saw him just the other day/morning.
otherwise adverb

in every other way except this

aparte de eso, por lo demás
She has a big nose, but otherwise she is very good-looking.

doing, thinking etc something else

de otra manera, de manera distinta
I am otherwise engaged this evening.
no/none other than

the very same person as

ni más ni menos
The man who had sent the flowers was none other than the man she had spoken to the night before.
other than


aparte de, salvo
There was no-one there other than an old woman.
somehow or other

in some way or by some means not known or decided

sea como sea
I’ll finish this job on time somehow or other.
someone/something or other

a person or thing that is not known

Someone or other broke that window.
somewhere or other

in one place if not in another; in some place not known or decided

en algún lugar
He must have hidden it somewhere or other.

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