Translation of "pace" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun [ no plural ] uk /peɪs/ us /peɪs/

the speed at which someone walks or runs

paso, ritmo
We started to walk at a much faster pace.

a single step

Take two paces forward/back.
The runner collapsed just a few paces from the finish.
verb uk /peɪs/ us /peɪs/ present participle pacing, past tense and past participle paced

to walk around because you are worried about something

ir de un lado para otro (de)
She was pacing up and down, waiting for the phone to ring.

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noun /peis/

a step

He took a pace forward.

speed of movement

a fast pace.
pacemaker noun

(medical) an electronic device to make the heart beats regular or stronger

He wears a heart pacemaker.

a person who sets the speed of a race.

keep pace with

to go as fast as

llevar el mismo paso, ir al mismo ritmo
He kept pace with the car on his motorbike.
pace out phrasal verb

to measure by walking along, across etc with even steps

medir a pasos
She paced out the room.
put someone etc through his etc paces

to make someone etc show what he etc can do

poner a alguien a prueba
He put his new car through its paces.
set the pace

to go forward at a particular speed which everyone else has to follow

marcar el paso; marcar la pauta
Her experiments set the pace for future research.
show one’s paces

to show what one can do

mostrar uno sus habilidades/talentos
They made the horse show its paces.

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