Translation of "perennial" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /pəˈren.i.əl/ us

lasting a very long time, or happening repeatedly or all the time

The film ‘White Christmas’ is a perennial favourite.
We face the perennial problem of not having enough money.
→ Compare annual adjective , biennial adjective
perennially adverb uk /-ə.li/ us

She seems to be perennially short of money.
noun uk /pəˈren.i.əl/ us

a plant that lives for several years

planta perenne, planta vivaz
Roses and geraniums are perennials, flowering year after year.
→ Compare annual noun (PLANT)

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noun, adjective /pəˈreniəl/

(biology) (a plant) which lasts for more than two years

perenne; eterno, perpetuo
Daffodils are perennial plants
They are perennials.

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