Translation of "phone" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /fəʊn/ us /foʊn/ also telephone

A1 a piece of equipment that is used to talk to someone who is in another place

Would someone please answer the phone?
I could hear the phone ringing.
on the phone

using the phone

al teléfono
She’s been on the phone all night.
verb uk /fəʊn/ us /foʊn/ present participle phoning, past tense and past participle phoned mainly UK

A1 to speak to someone by telephone

llamar (a), hablar por teléfono (con)
I tried to phone her last night, but she was out.
I’m going to phone for a taxi.

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noun /fəun/

a telephone

We were talking on the phone.
phone book noun

a telephone directory

lista/guía de teléfonos
Look up his number in the phone book.
phone booth noun

telephone booth.

cabina telefónica
phone box noun

(British) telephone box.

cabina telefónica
phone call noun

a telephone call

llamada de teléfono
I need to make a phone call
He had a (phone) call from Ron.
phonecard noun

a plastic card for making calls from a public telephone box.

tarjeta telefónica
phone up phrasal verb

to (try to) speak to (someone) by means of the telephone

llamar por teléfono
I’ll phone (him) up and ask about it.

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