Translation of "pinch" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /pɪntʃ/ us /pɪntʃ/

to press someone’s skin between your thumb and finger, sometimes causing pain

Her brother had pinched her and she was crying.

UK informal to steal something small

Who’s pinched my pen?
noun uk /pɪnʃ/ us /pɪntʃ/

a very small amount of something

a pinch of salt
feel the pinch

to have problems because you do not have enough money

pasar dificultades económicas

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verb /pintʃ/

to squeeze or press tightly (flesh), especially between the thumb and forefinger

He pinched her arm.

to hurt by being too small or tight

My new shoes are pinching (me).

to steal

robar, birlar
Who pinched my pen?
pinched adjective

(of a person’s face) looking cold, pale or thin because of cold, poverty etc

con la cara pálida
Her face was pinched with cold.
feel the pinch

to be in difficulty because of lack of money

pasar apuros, pasar estrecheces
Many families are feeling the pinch these days.

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