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noun uk /plʌɡ/ us /plʌɡ/

B1 an object with metal parts that stick out of its end, used to connect electrical equipment to an electricity supply

I need to change the plug on my hairdryer.

B1 something you put in a hole to block it

a bath plug
verb uk /plʌɡ/ us /plʌɡ/ present participle plugging, past tense and past participle plugged

to block a hole


Phrasal verb(s)

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noun /plaɡ/

a device for putting into a mains socket in order to allow an electric current to flow through the appliance to which it is attached by cable

She changed the plug on the electric kettle.

an object shaped for fitting into the hole in a bath or sink to prevent the water from running away, or a piece of material for blocking any hole

The bath plug in our hotel room was missing.
plughole noun

(British ) a hole in a sink or bath where the water flows out and where you put a plug; drain (American).

plug in phrasal verb

to connect up (an electrical apparatus) by inserting its plug into a socket

Could you plug in the electric kettle?

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